Since its very beginning, ActivePure technology has proven to be effective in building healthy environments. This has made emblematic places of great cultural and social importance trust the technology for the protection of their facilities.

The following are some of the most significant locations that already have the technology developed in collaboration with NASA.

Washington, D.C.’s 9/11 Pentagon

After the Pentagon incident of September 11, 2001, ActivePure air purification equipment was donated.

Pentagon Washington DC building
The Pentagon, Washington DC (United States)

In recognition, several coins from the DSS-W Army Department were given. In addition, a letter of appreciation was received along with the coins from the Defense Supply Service and, later, a second letter from an Army Colonel.

“I have personally observed the incredible improvement in air quality in the offices”

Army Colonel of the Defense Service

Liberty Bell

The bell, originally called the “State House bell”, has ActivePure technology to protect its two million annual visitors.

Liberty Bell | Philadelphia | United States | Pennsylvania | AFAR
Liberty Bell, Philadelphia (United States, Pennsylvania)

New York’s Ground Zero Museum

The doors of the Ground Zero Museum in New York City that opened in remembrance of the terrible events of 9/11 Some of the objects found in the rubble of the Twin Towers could be seen there.

“When the staff came to work at the museum after installing the ActivePure systems, they immediately noticed that the air was cleaner.”

Gary Suson, photographer and museum conservateur
Museo Zona Cero 9/11
Museo Zona Cero, New York (United States)

At that time, the smells in the city were very unpleasant. That’s why the New York City Fire Department decided to install air purification technology. In 2001, air purifiers were donated to every fire station in New York City and by the surrounding communities.

MLB professional team locker rooms

After installing the devices in the locker rooms of Major League Baseball (MLB), several studies were conducted on how their installation had affected them.

The International Space Station

ActivePure technology was initially developed for use on the International Space Station. Discover more information about the origins of the technology and curiosities about its operation in the following link: ActivePure: A space technology to change the world.