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The Active Pure technology (commercial name of the radiant catalytic ionization or RCI), manages to reach the surfaces through a system of oxidation of the virus and bacteria.
The Active Pure cell takes advantage of the H2O and O2 particles in the air to generate a combination of superoxides (hydrogen peroxides, superoxides, and hydroxyl), which are released through the air and perform an oxidation process of all types of viruses, bacteria or fungal spores, reaching both the air and surfaces.
This system of eliminating viruses and bacteria is similar to that used by ozone generators but, instead of doing it through a toxic and dangerous oxidant such as ozone, it made with a combination of totally harmless and non-harmful oxidants.

All Beyond by Aerus equipment we market is totally safe for use with people, animals and plants.
The Active Pure technology, patented by Aerus and present in many of the Beyond by Aerus products, performs an oxidation function of viruses and bacteria, working with a combination of highly effective but totally harmless superoxides, without the use of ozone or any other harmful chemicals.
Thanks to the fact that they can be used in the presence of people, they have the great advantage of disinfecting viruses and bacteria in situ, helping to disinfect and purify air and surfaces during the day.

The main difference between Beyond Guardian Air and an air purifier is that while the purifiers perform a function of purifying the air in a space, Beyond Guardian Air manages to encompass both air and surfaces, thanks to the patented Active Pure disinfection technology. On the other hand, in the process of air purification, Beyond Guardian Air has a polypropylene filter 3 times more effective than standard HEPA filters, used in places like airplanes.
In addition, Beyond Guardian Air covers a space of 185m2, while the air purifiers on the market cover areas of 30-40m2.Finally, air purifiers have the problem that, if the filters are not changed in a very recurrent way, they accumulate a number of microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria, that end up being a dangerous source of infection. Beyond Guardian Air’s air purification system, however, includes a germicidal UV lamp inside the equipment that removes those viruses and bacteria that have been filtered out, allowing the filters to be kept clean, eliminating any possible danger of accumulation of filtered viruses and bacteria.

Beyond Guardian Air has the famous US Energy System certificate, demonstrating its low electricity consumption and efficiency.

The electrical consumption of Beyond Guardian Air is 23W-80W, depending on the speed at which the equipment is active.

Active Pure air and surface disinfection and purification technology, developed in collaboration with NASA, is used in many public and private spaces throughout the world.
the world, such as:

  • Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Shops
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Nursing homes
  • Museums
  • Professional sports facilities
  • Cars
  • Government buildings


Some of the spaces in which this technology is installed are

  • The Pentagon building
  • New York’s Ground Zero Museum
  • Liberty Bell Museum
  • International Space Station
  • Professional MLB league teams.
  • Mitsubishi vehicle ventilation systems in Brazil.

Beyond Guardian Air has the advantage that it requires minimal maintenance for ultra effective air and surface disinfection.
Thanks to the ultraviolet germicidal lamp located inside the equipment, the filters are kept clean, so there is no need for a monthly change of filters as in other purification systems.
The only recommended maintenance is an annual change of the polypropylene filter (3 times more efficient than the HEPA standard) and maintenance of the germicidal lamp and the Active Pure cell every 2 and 3 years respectively.

Active Pure air and surface disinfection and purification technology has been tested in numerous American laboratories and universities, demonstrating its effectiveness against different types of viruses and bacteria.
In these studies, Active Pure has been shown to be 99.99% effective against DNA and RNA viruses (the latter is the type of SARS-CoV-2 virus, which produces COVID-19, commonly called coronavirus).

In addition, its effectiveness in eliminating viruses and bacteria, as well as its results in reducing absenteeism, has been tested in numerous field studies in hospitals, schools or professional sports teams’ locker rooms.

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