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The innovative ActivePure® purification technology is present in a wide range of devices, adapted to the needs of each space.

Beyond Guardian Air

The only purifier on the market that uses a unique combination of technologies including ion generation, better than HEPA filtration, photocatalytic oxidation and our patented ActivePure® technology.

Covers up to 185 m².

Beyond Guardian Air

Pure & Clean

Aerus Pure & Clean combines five nature-based processes into a unique, proven, active technology system that helps clean the air you breathe and the surfaces you touch, without the use of ozone.

It covers up to 100 m².


INDUCT devices are installed inside air conditioning systems, incorporating ActivePure® technology into them in a minimally invasive way.

It covers up to 1,000 m².

Laundry Pro

The smart solution for washing and cleaning surfaces using only cold water, without detergents, chemicals or hot water, thanks to ActivePure® technology.

Beyond Guardian Angel

The most advanced air filtration creating healthy air environments. Guardian Angel is a HEPA certified filter air purifier designed to protect against indoor air contaminants. It has an action range of 35 m² and is perfect for home and office use.