Space technology influences and improves virtually every aspect of life on Earth. Much of what improves our lives – in health, communication, travel, leisure, entertainment – is based directly on the technology originally developed for space exploration.

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ActivePure® technology was one of these findings. Since the verification of its validity in laboratories, devices with this technology succeed in purifying and decontaminating air and surfaces without the need for ozone.

Origins of ActivePure®

In the mid-1990s, the Wisconsin Center for Space Automation and Robotics (WCSAR) was working on a NASA-funded program. The goal of this research was to improve the cultivation of plants in space by removing ethylene gas.

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This group of researchers was assisted by the Space Product Development Program of NASA’s Mashall Special Flight Center.

The first result was successfully tested on the Columbia Space Shuttle in 1995. The technological principle was radiant photocatalytic oxidation, where ultraviolet light and titanium dioxide were used to break down organic compounds. In this way, the ethylene gas, which is mainly responsible for the ripening and “aging” of fruits and vegetables, was properly purified.

Several tests were also conducted at Kansas State University and the University of Cincinnati. It was found that an ActivePure® unit was able to drastically reduce the concentrations of aerosols in the air. At the same time, 90 percent of the viruses and bacteria were neutralized within one hour and all infectious viruses were eliminated within hours.

The air of the astronaut crews on space exploration missions was purified by the reaction of ultraviolet light and metal oxides.

Improvements introduced by Aerus LLC

Aerus LLC, founded in 1924 as Electrolux Corp. owned the worldwide rights to this space technology. Taking the proven concept of the ethylene scrubber, its research team developed this technology further. Their main goal was to manufacture products that would benefit people in their daily lives.

Improvements made by Aerus LLC achieved more efficient operation by altering the way the photocatalyst’s metal mix and ultraviolet light interacted.

In fact, their effects were demonstrated in a methane gas leak in Los Angeles in late 2015. Thousands of people were temporarily relocated, but thousands more were able to stay in their homes thanks to technology developed by Aerus LLC.

<img src="fuga-de-gas-metano-Los-Ángeles.jpg" alt="Fuga de gas metano obliga a miles de personas a reubicarse temporalmente, pero la tecnología desarrollada por Aerus LLC permitió a otras mil quedarse en sus hogares.">

“It’s exciting to do something that makes a difference. People’s health is really benefiting from the air and the ultra-clean surfaces.”

Joseph P. Urso, Chief Executive Officer and President of Aerus Holdings

How ActivePure® Technology Works

First, the microscopic molecules of oxygen and water are absorbed by the ActivePure® cell of the air purifiers. Secondly, the particles charged with the molecules derived from air and surfaces are transformed into benign oxidants.

These oxidants include hydroxyl (OH-), hydroxyl radicals (ºOH), hydrogen peroxides (H2O2) and other super oxides (O2).

Finally, when released into the air, the supercharged molecules rapidly seek out and destroy contaminants, fungi, molds, viruses, and bacteria that cause odors.

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